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Remembering the kids and carers having a ball

Campers and Carers
Participants in 2009 and 2012

Our sponsors
Continuing their much appreciated support.
They support us, please support them. Visit their sites!


Our Patrons and Life Members
Proudly lending their name and maintaining their
involvement over considerable time.

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Our committee
The guiding lights and backbone of TAC-Q

Our aim

TAC-Q (Teenage Adventure Camps Queensland) through its camps, aims to create interaction between teenagers with life-threatening illnesses in order to inject some fun and positivity into their lives by providing them with the holiday of a lifetime.


'Upcoming events

Charity luncheon on the Friday 11th March, 2016. Your chance to mix and mingle with our sponsors and committee members. Enjoy great food and surroundings while having fun at the auction! See you there!

David Fleay Wildlife Park Sat 6th February, 2016.

'The next camp!’

Get ready…it's from the Mon June 27 - Mon July 4 2016.
Find out who qualifies to join in the fun! Contact us here.


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